Google TV now has HBO, Netflix, Pandora NBA and many others big brand names on board for its next big thing, the Google TV. Google TV, the internet giant’s venture into web-TV integration, is the next big flick everybody has his eyes on. And now with some of the biggest names lined up with Google`s latest venture, it`s going to be a ride you simply can`t miss.

Google`s ‘multimillion-channel’ TV will “change the future of television,” said Google. The application, run by Google’s Android operating system, lets users search for content from their television, DVR and the web.Time Warner` owned websites including  CNN, TBS, TNT, Cartoon Network and Adult Swim are also cutting a deal to optimize their content for this Google TV, whereas Universal, which plans CNBC Real Time and Twitter have also made it to the list of partners in this giant venture. VEVO, Pandora and Napster and similar music sites are also building applications for this platform.

Apple has also recently reworked on a line of iPods and a new cheaper version of Apple TV is on the way in advance of the holiday season as the television viewer ship out numbers the online web users worldwide.

Google`s giant search engine tool  is expected to launch its TV during this fall.