iPod nano as a watch

In September in their media event Apple had introduced their new iPod lineup and they almost changed the design of their every iPod like iPod touch got some stuff which is in iPhone 4 , totally new design of iPod Nano and also the design of iPod shuffle was also changed  by Apple. Well if you look at size of iPod Nano you will notice that its size is almost perfect for a watch.

Only the watchband looks missing in this

is a watchband. You can find many watchbands in the market which will fit with your iPod Nano and make you music call a watch too. Check out the image below and I think the person who don’t knows that it is not iPod Nano will hardly notice that it’s not a wristwatch .

Apart from being handy this thing also look pretty and the amazing thing about this is that you music player would be always in your hands. Well I don’t expect anyone to use it as their permanent wristwatch but still it can be used sometimes. So , may be it can also be called iWatch.