5 new features expected in next iPad

Guys we know that we are not far away from next iPad and may be Apple may reveal it in the early part of next.We can guess that next iPad would have some new stuff like camera and gyroscope but still we are not sure what new stuff would be in the iPad.Today a report by DigiTimes has mentioned claimed from a Chineses Economy Daily News which claimes that next iPad will have five new features. The newspaper cites industry sources for the information.

The five new features include “video phone, better mobility, USB port, new display technology and 3-axis gyroscopes.”

Many of these features are no surprise to us as features like gyroscope , camera for FaceTime calling and better mobility have been heard before in many other rumors.And apart from this Retina display is also a big possibility in the next iPad and the fact that Retina display is also available in iPhone 4 and iPod 4g also increases the possibility of Retina display in next iPad.

This is the first time we heard something like that Apple may add a USB connector to their device.But may be Apple would add it for the comfort of their users.Also these features can also come because other new tablets in the market have features like these.