iPhone 4 Diamond Spider Introduced by Alexander Amosu

iPhone 4 Diamond Spider will be the first choice of style lovers as it is a diamond-encrusted gadget that is designed by  the famous British jeweler Alexander Amosu. Now the limited edition of this luxurious iPhone 4 is available for only that people who have some handsome money in their pockets.

The sides of this Apple iPhone 4 luxury edition are covered by 846 br

illiant-cut VVS1-grade F colour diamonds and all these are combined to make total 5.66 carats. In case you want to leave this handset for some reason then you will  have the choice to use these diamonds some where else ,  use for your another phone or for your precious jewelry.

You will get the two options in terms of back colors of iPhone 4  Diamond Spider ; one is black and other one is white.  A special golden number will be given to every buyer of this iPhone and the best thing is that   you will choose the golden number based on your choice and preference. We are sure that it will be a pricey but luxury model of iPhone 4, the price of which will include the cost of a 24hr global concierge service. Google Nexus S has also made official now.


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