Apple iPhone 4 White gets confirm for spring 2011

Apple, the tech guru and father of high-end touch screen Apple iPhone, iPods and iPad, finally comes up with news that everybody has been waiting for Apple White iPhone 4.

White Apple iPhone 4 gadget in the beginning, took a rather bumpy path, with many controversies circulating around it; starting from Apple iPhone 4 getting delayed due to production problems to anonymous sources claiming that Apple White iPhone has been witnessed outside the Apple headquarters before its release to news that Apple plans to

cancel the latest Apple gadget once and for all. But the latest Apple development says more than what the press has been saying about it for months. Apple White iPhone 4 is back in the race!

Apple has put White iPhone 4 back on Apple's promotional list, an act that replies most of the queries we have had in our minds. Posters of Apple Store indicate that Apple has decided to bring the Apple iPhone 4 back to life and radiate the latest product in all directions till spring 2011. Exact dates for the releases have not been confirm as yet but spring puts the Apple White iPhone release somewhere March 20th.

Apple has removed the online pre-ordering for its Apple White iPhone 4 for now. But if this claim to release the latest white Apple iPhone 4 by Apple is true, then spring is not very far!


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