Chrome OS delayed till to mid 2011

Google is plans to launch their web-centric OS from a long time but we haven’t seen any of its sample or something like that till now.And today an announcement came from Google that Chrome OS is delayed until the first half of 2011.Actually Google was expected to launch Chrome OS this summer but the company is saying that they are working on their new OS as it has a wide variety of problems.

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Chrome browser basically is the basis of the upcoming Chrome OS which pairs the Linux kernel with a web-based app environment. Original plans of Google were that they would ship Chrome OS on both Intel x86 and ARM-based netbooks by year 2010 and on the other side company would also work on Android Operating system which uses native and Java-like apps rather than being a web-based platform.

But the plans for the Chrome OS are delayed may be because of its complexity as it would be for the people who spend most of their time on their computer using internet.And this OS would come for both high level laptops and low end netbooks.