Antidote iOS Jailbreak Tool Provides Enhanced Security to Jailbroken iOS Devices

Last month Saurik, Cydia creator, reported that only 10% iPhone users jailbreak iPhones. The biggest reason being the security issues. Apple surely doesn’t want anyone to jail break their lovely devices so there are always some kinda issues going on with the jailbreak stuff.

That there is the bad fact/news, now here is the good one. Stefan Esser, a hacker, has developed Antidote iOS jailbreak tool with enhanced security jailbroken iOS devices.Antidotewin men how to attract men

g> iOS jailbreak tool uses ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization) that is not present in any other iOS Jailbreak Tool.

Stefan plans to unveil a new jailbreak tool called Antid0te which will automatically jailbreak and fortify iOS devices with ASLR.

This enables users with jailbroken iPhones to create their own set of dyld_shared_cache files that have completely different library load addresses from every other iPhone in the world,” Esser wrote in an email. “This is already a better ASLR than what exists on Snow Leopard because different applications can use different shared caches and therefore different load addresses.

Will this tool bring a revolution in jailbreaking community? Antid0te, surely promises a security in iOS devices. Does this mean that people will jailbreak their iPhone for more security than the Apple can offer?