Microsoft Sold over 1.5 Million Windows phone 7

Microsoft knows how to stay high. Being one of the global technology leaders, Microsoft made a real smart entry in the smartphone market by its Windows Phone & devices. Even though Mobile market is flooded with Apple high-tech iPhones, Google smartphones and RIM's Blackberry, which are one of the top mobile choices, Microsoft stands tall with its Windows Phone 7 devices, which are made by HTC, Dell, Samsung and LG. And analysts have some real positive reviews about the Microsoft Windows & phones as well.

Microsoft recently announced the success of its mobile devices telling that it has sold more than 1.5 m

illion of its Windows Phone 7 devices, and that is in just six weeks since its smartphone hit the market. Vice President of business and marketing for Windows Phones Achim Berg disclosed in his web post that “The Windows Phone sales figures met the company's 'realistic expectations” and that “We all know that the competition is extreme in this industry, and we have to compete on multiple fronts”. He further said that 'We are on a path to begin releasing the first of several updates in the next couple of months, and several more mobile operators around the world will introduce Windows Phone 7 on their network in 2011.'

Windows Phone 7 devises are a hot gadget of 2010 and with its increasing popularity Microsoft is expected to grow just fine in this line of field as well. Fingers crossed!