Nexus S gets its first update over the air

Google’s Official Android Phone Nexus S came just few weeks ago in the market and it had latest Android OS in it which is Gingerbread. So , looks like Google has rolled out first update over the air for t
he Nexus S users. This update is officially marked as Android 2.3.1 with build number of GRH78 and its size is only 1.9MB.

Official wording about the update is :

This system update from Google contains important  bug fixes plus the latest version of Maps.

Although there is not much stuff in this small update but is has not only it has some fixes and updates of the previous version but it also has the latest version of Google Maps 5.0 app for Android.

If you have Nexus S and you have not got OTA update notification till now then you can get it on your phone by dialing *#*#checkin#*# from the phone dialer which will force your phone to prompt the update.