ECS will launch the Android and Windows 7 tablets at CES 2011

ECS ,litegroup Computer Systems has a plan to launch  both Windows 7 and Android Tablets atCES 2011. Now we have started thinking that the Consumer Electronics Show will  be really enjoyable and interesting because various companies are launching their different devices like tablets., laptops , eReader and mobile phone at this event. In order to make it more attractive ECS is going to launch its eReader and Tablets.

ECS eReaders

The eReaders of ECS will  have a  size  range of 6-, 8- and 9.7-inch. Additionally, these devices will be featured with capacitive touchscreens, WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G.  The best features of these eReaders is that it will provide support to not only the eBooks but also to video and other multimedia content  that’s mean full-time entertainment will be on hand with ECS eReaders. These eReaders will run either Android or another Linux based OS.

ECS Tablets

ECS tablets will come with two different sizes one is 7 inch and another one is 10 inch. For the operating system there are two choices; Windows 7 or Android. For the chipest there come two options:  one is Atom CPUs or second is Marvell/Samsung ARM-based chipsets.

It is also reported that ASUS andMSI are working on some Tablets that will be based on either on Windows 7 OS or on Android OS. Now we are waiting for the CES expo when we will see the final demonstration of all Electronics devices.

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