iPad and iPhone 5 may have Dual-Core CPU

The next big thing of the Apple is iPad and after that would be iPhone 5.We have heard many caims about the specification of the iPad 2 and now analyst from Rodman & Renshaw claims that iPad 2 will have a dual-coreCPU which would be competing against the playbook of RIM and the Adnroid based Motorola Tablet.

The Analyst mentioned :

Apple is on track to refresh the iPad by March and iPhone by l

ate summer. A key component upgrade across these platforms will be a dual-core processor featuring a pair of 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 cores.

Although if we see the specs of iPhone 4 then we would notice that the specs of iPhone 4 are less than some of the new smartphone but still iPhone 4 can be considered as the best smartphone because of its best OS.So ,we can’t  be sure that Apple will go for the dual core CPU.If this happens then it would be the first iOS device to have dual core processors.

And the analyst from CNET mentioned about CNET:

iPhone volumes could also be maintained at the 15 million/quarter level through next year. The launch at Verizon could support an incremental 8 million units.