Three iPad 2G variants – WiFi, UMTS and CDMA will come 2011

Apple has a plan to release three variants of iPad 2 such as wi-Fi , UTMS and CDMA  and the purpose behind the launch of three iPad 2 Model is to satisfy the huge demand for non-interrupted Internet connectivity, according to a report by

We also came to know that mass production of the three iPad models is schedule to begin from the later half of January and this information also provided by the paper notes of Digitimes. In the document, it is clear that Apple will   ship about 500,000-530,000 units to channels in January according to its recent plan. The ratio of shipment for Wi-Fi, UMTS and CDMA models is at 3:4:3.

It is also reported that Apple will include 3G chipsets and antennas in

side 60-65% of current-generation iPad models, with the obvious indication that “consumers prefer models that are able to connect to the Internet all the time”.

In order to strengthen its relationship with all wireless operator, the company equip the iPad 2 with all kind of connectivity options such as Wi-Fi , CDMA  and UMTS.

The new Apple iPad 2 will be featured with a unique anti-smudge, anti-reflective screen. The idea behind this change to compete well with Amazon’s Kindle. You know that currently eReaders of Amazon are considering perfect just because of their matte screen and small form factor than that of bigger, glossy screen of  Apple iPad.

Last week we posted a picture of small iPad and later on we came to know that  the picture was a fake and Apple hasn’t any plan to launch mini iPad.