How to Choose SIM only Plans for your Mobile Phone?

SIM only Plans let the user to get a new SIM card from his desired network provider and then to use it for a given period of time i.e. two or three months. This is  enough time to judge the services and facility of network provider and  after this a user is able to continue with same  provider or to switch to another one based on his experience.

Though SIM only plans are very cheap as compared to usual contracts but the user often confuses while selecting one for him . Here is a simple guide that lets you to choose a best SIM only Plan for your phone.


Before going to buy a SIM card , you  must have an idea about your current usage ra

te and the budget that  you want to spend on a plan. For Example, you must know that how many text messages and minutes you usually require in a month.   This information will assist you a lot during the selection of SIM only Plans.


Search the websites on which you find the SIM only plans. It is good to search  on a site that provides the comparative analysis of SIM Only deals of various network providers. Just take help from your search engine and find out a site that offers the accurate information and detail of each plan . Not only should this but a comparison of different plans should be there for your quick reference .


Now check which SIM only plan is best suited to your requirements and preferences. Don’t always go for cheaper option, you should select that plan which completely fulfills your current usage rate at a reasonable cost.