LG Honeycomb Tablet will be shown off at CES 2011

LG is working on Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet  with the name OptimusPad that will be launched at CES 2011 and this news is come to us from the KoreanTimes.com.One after another  the tablet plans of all known companies are unveiled , first we get the news of Motorola Tablet (possible named as  Xoom) and after that we heard about Nokia Android Tablet and this time LG Electronic slate is in rumors. We also obtain unofficial information about the Samsung Honey Comb Android Tablet.how to increase vertical jump

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Back in July LG announced that it will come with an Android 2.2 Tablet at Christmas. We think that it is waiting for a better and latest platform for the launch of its first tablet and CES 2011 is the right time for such a dazzling launch.

LG Android tablet will runs on Android 3.0 or 2.4 Honeycomb operating system and it also feature with a 8.9-inch screen. Other information about LG Android Tablet price, feature and specifications are still unknown for us.

CES 2011 is just a week far and we gather various official and unofficial information of tablets and laptops launch and now we have to see how much of these information are true. So just wait and watch!