Nomad Brush for iPad

iPad or iPhone, if you own oen you would know how populare finger painting has recently become. Magnificent works by renowned artists like David Kassan , the New Yorker’s Jorge Columbo and David Hockney have been very popular among most Apple aficionados. David Hockney’s one of its kind series of paintings has been put up for display in an exhibition that is currently being run by Paris’s Pierre Berge-Yves St. Laurent Foundation and will continue until January 30.


The art lovers surely will find themselves liking the new Normad brush for iPad by Don Lee. This unique stylus has been designed to closely resembles a real paintbrush. The long handle and soft bristles would really interest most art-inspired folks out there and due to its precision and responsiveness, this stylus pretty much becomes a must buy for such people. The new paint brush stylus will be available for the iPad in February.