Apple iPad 2 Hardware Reportedly Spotted at CES 2011

Rumor about the next model of Apple’s all famous tablet, iPad has been circulating the net. It sort of has risen to a new height now with a particular interesting recent news. iPad 2 might be releasing on 1stFebruary 2011, Mashable seems to have come across what just might possibly be the back of the upcoming iPad 2.

They spotted this piece of metal in a booth during the Consumer Electronics Show, which surely looks like the back of an iPad, and it even has new holes for speaker

s and a front-facing camera, further confirming more speculation about the features of the next model.

Mashable reports:

When we dropped by Chinese manufacturer GoPod Mobile’s booth today for confirmation and more photos, the “iPad 2″ was hiddenunderneath a stack of papers, and the purveyors wouldn’t let us takepictures of it.

Two of our reporters quizzed a person working at the GoPod booth; these staffers confirmed that this item was indeed the back of the next iPad, sent to GoPod Mobile by Apple itself.

It sounds too good, so chances are it might not even be true. As Apple rarely sends dummy prototypes to case makers or accessory manufacturers before a product is actually released, and many other cases which have surfaced claiming to be real haven’t exactly lived up to their claims as yet.