CDMA iPhone not just Exclusive for Verizon

So we thought CMDA iPhone 4 is Verizon 4 is going to be Verizon exclusive but it actually is not. Digitimes revealed that CMDA iPhone 4 is coming to many Asian and European countries. Tim Crook, Apple’s representative at Verizon iPhone 4 launch event also confirmed it. India, Japan, South Korea and China are expected to surely be among these countries.

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According to Digitimes:

Pegatron started shipping its CDMA iPhone 4 in January 2011 and Foxconn started in December 2010. Foxconn’s model will be solely supplied to the US, while Pegatron’s model will be supplied to China and other countries. Since US-based telecom carrier Verizon currently has over 93 million users in the US, the launch of CDMA iPhone is expected to double the number of the current iPhone users in the market.

Since Apple is also set to start supplying its CDMA iPhone to Japan and South Korea, the company’s iPhone shipments in 2011 are expected to reach a new record.