Apple exploring 6-inch iPad/iPod touch for Fall 2011? claims that even though Apple has been reluctant about releasing a smaller iPad, Apple is still working on two models with screen sizes close to 6 inches. The report also says that Apple is working on a 5.7-inch model and another model just below 6 inches.

Apple has previously made it clear many times that they wouldn’t make mini tablets, so why are they doing it now? Well a 6-inch iPod touch could make sense for better gaming, a bit more productivity, and would help Apple go head-to-head with some of the upcoming pocket game consoles with 4-5-6-inch displays. Apple could even throw some 3D action onto the thing. The report speculates that we’ll see this 6-inch iPad in the middle of 2011, but we like to think we will be seeing a 6-inch iPod touch debut at Apple’s annual Fall event.

A few other sources also have been sort of saying that a smaller iPad might be seen in near future. What do you think? Will it happen? Will it be an iPad nano? An iPod touch XL?