White iPhone 4 prototype on sale on ebay

Finally after a wait of about 10 months White iPhone 4 is launching this weeks in US and also in UK.But still now a prototype of White iPhone 4 is leaked which is now available on eBay.Thsi iPhone is mentioned as 16Gb prototype of iPhone 4 and currently people are bidding on eBay to buy this phone.

The bidding of this prototype starts at $2000 and this model number marked on the phone is 995-6364LL and it has a code engraved in its front near the home button. On its back it has “XX” which is just like all the previous iPhone 4 prototypes. But how can we get a leak of iPhone at this when everything is known about it.

This could easily be a fake iPhone and may be no one would be able to get their hands on this phone because it’s not real. Last time about a year ago when an iPod touch 4G prototype was shown on ebay for sale, it was removed soon from the site and maybe that’s what would happen with this prototype.

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