Top Gadget Gift Ideas

Gadget fanatics tend to share one thing in common: they all desire the very latest technology all of the time. This can make tech-lovers notoriously difficult to please when it comes to buying them presents, as any gift you might thoughtfully pick out will doubtless be trumped by a brand new release in the market during the following weeks or months.

If you’re currently looking for a great gadget gift for a loved one, don’t despair. There are a number of great new products available that I reckon will stand the test of time and bring your tech-loving friend many happy hours of use.

Kindles and Kindle covers
eBook readers have been around for a while now, but if your gadget-lover has yet to acquire one, now is a great time to do so. Online retailer Amazon has just introduced a much more affordable version of its Kindle reader by including advertising on the screen. The ads are nice and discreet, appearing only when the device is not in use or in sleep mode, and the Kindle with ads is as much as 20 per cent cheaper than without. Another great reason to buy a Kindle right now is the ever-growing range of accessories being released to accompany them, the most impressive addition in recent months being the Case Logic Water Resistant Kindle Sleeve.

HP Pavilion dm1
Laptops and notebooks may well be living in the shadows of tablet computers and smartphones in the gadget market at the moment, but there are some great laptop products being released nonetheless. The 11.6-inch, ultra-portable, ultra-stylish Hewlett Packard Pavilion Dm1 is the most recent notebook release worthy of your gadget-lover’s attention.

T-Mobile G2X
The technological advancements being made in the mobile phone industry are enabling networks and manufacturers to offer some wonderfully slick gadgets to their customers. T-Mobile customers have recently welcomed the arrival of the G2X handset, which is the first dual-core device to be released on their network. Its Android interface, supremely fast web browsing speeds and sleek looks have already made it a favourite amongst gadgetheads.

Motorola Xoom
Your gadget-groupie might be drooling uncontrollably over the Apple iPad 2 tablet computer, but there are still some excellent tablet devices being pushed by Apple’s many competitors. Perhaps the strongest rival to the iPad 2 is the Motorola Xoom, which has already been dubbed “the future of tablets” by Gizmodo, following a review that praised its ergonomic styling and lightning-fast speeds.

Panasonic HDC-SD700
With so many people using their mobile phones to capture video footage, you could be forgiven for thinking that the humble video camera had become obsolete. The reality is that digital video cameratechnology has been taking giant leaps forward in recent years, and the Panasonic HDC-SD700 is amongst the best proponents of handheld video technology on the market at the moment. With a 12x optical zoom, full HD 1920×1080 resolution and SDXC/SDHC/SD memory card recording, this camera will transformany technophile into a potential movie director in one fell swoop.