Dell announcing their MacBook Air competitor today

Currently the slimmest powerful laptops in the market are MacBook Air and other one is Samsung series 9 which is little bit more power than MacBook Air. And now Dell is ready to announce their version of ultra slim powerful laptop which would compete against MacBook Air.

A report from Wall Street journal mentions that Dell is almost ready to announce their version of slim laptop.This would be not the first time when Dell would launch a slim device to attract the users as in 2009 they had launch sleekĀ  Adamo and that laptop was little bit low powered and it was quite expensive as it was of $2000.And even then Dell tried with other laptop like these but they never got that much popular.

And now finally today Dell will show their latest effort to capture this market. According to our current knowledge this laptop would have screen of 15inch and it would be named as Dell XPS 15z and it would start from $999.This price is same as the starting price for MacBook Air but for $999 12 inch MacBook Air is available and for the same price dell will offer 15inch ultra slimlaptop.