Difference between Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting

A number of people want to earn income online and for this purpose they establish some websites on the internet. However, for making their sites live on net they have to hire a web hosting company which is responsible for hosting the site on internet. However, this company lets a person to pick one operating system -on which you desire to host his site- from the two main types; one is Windows web hosting and second is Linux web hosting. Some people have not any idea about these operating systems and therefore they find it difficult to choose one that is perfectly suitable for them. For such people , here are some points which let them to get complete understanding of both operating systems. Additionally, these points help them a lot whenever they are going to differentiate Windows and Linux Operating systems.

• Windows Web hosting mean to host a site on a Microsoft Windows Server platform and this hosting service also brings SQL and some useful Microsoft main products for the user’s convenience and comfort. On the other hand Linux is an open-source operating system and it is the best alternative for the Windows web hosting.
• What makes Linux hosting option more desirable for a number of people is its lower cost that that of Windows web hosting. It is a fact that a person has to spend more dollars in getting the Windows hosting and its associated application while when a person goes for Linux web hosting then he has to pay less money for installation and operation of this OS.
• It has been reported by many customers that Linux operating system is performing well as compared to Windows OS; in case a person is more concerned about performance and speed then he should pick the Linux Hosting for his website.
• Windows operating system is more popular in comparison of Linux operating system and due to this name and fame more people diverted towards Windows hosting.
• Another thing which enhances the value of  Windows hosting in the eye of customers is the comfort and ease offered by it. It is really easy to use this operating system whilst Linux operating system is somewhat complex in nature.