Amazon would be releasing its tablet based on android in

Internet giants Amazon is planning to launch their own brand of tablet somewhere around in October. The rumours that the biggest online store Amazon will be releasing their new tablet is been out for quite some time now. The latests rumour that’s surrounding Amazon’s tablet is that it would be running android Operating System.

Though there is no concrete thing about the Amazon’s tablet, but the previous rumours tells us that the tablet would be featuring 9 to 10″ screen a 1.5 Ghz dual processor. The first tablet would be designed by one of the contracted manufacturers but the later upcoming tablets will be designed and manufacture by Amazon itself.

Amazon is the largest retailer of DVD’s books CD’s Blue Rays and other type of media. The decline in the sales of physical media in recent years, and the trend changing from physical media to digital media have made Amazon to think that they should have a device which can handle the changing trend.