Lenovo launching new android Tablet

Lenovo a company renowned to make high end buisness users Notebook and netbook have taken a 360 degree turn and recently launching there 3 new tablets. In the recent times when everyone is taking opportunity to utilize  open source operating system android by Google, have flooded tablets in the market.

Lenovo didn’t want to left behind in this very market so they decided to pull up three new tablets running different operating systems. Lenovo’s new tablets will be running either Microsoft windows 7 or Google’s android operating system.

Lenovo’s idea pad k1 will be launching in U.S next month and world wide by the third quarter of this year. Lenovo’s idea pad k1 will be running Google’s android honeycomb version of android operating system. The k1 would be featuring 10.1 touch screen, it comes along with different volumes starting from 16 GB.

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