Lenovoe’s 7-inch Android tablet picture leaked

Lenovo has not launched any tablet in the market till now but recently Lenovo announced that in the coming year or half they would both launch their Anroid and Windows 7 tablet.Android tablet was no surprise to us but Windows 7 tablet news was little bit unusual.And now leaked pictures of Lenovo’s has been seen.



As far as I am concerded I never has experience to use any Lenovo product for a good time but one thing is for sure the quality of Lenovo’s products is always high.So , recently Lenovo decided to announced their first Android products as announced Lenovos ideaPad K1 and ThinkPad which will not be launching soon but they though announcing their tablet could be good for them.

But most recently a picture of Lenovo’s Android tablet has been leaked which is not ideaPad K1 not ThinkPad. This tablet was not seen before so maybe they are working or experimenting on another Android tablet.The tablet spotted in the picture is of 7inch and not much more info could be spotted from these picture but it is for sure that it is not K1 or ThinkPad.