Fool the phone snatchers with BookBook iPhone 4 case

All the smartphones in today’s are market all really expensive as most of the high end smartphones are as expensive of most of the good laptops in the market.So , it is always good to have extra protection for smartphones like iPhone 4 and other high end smartphones.Nowadays phone snatching is also a danger of smartphone owners but you can do many thing to protect your phone and one the things that you can do is to show that you don’t have any high end phone with you.So ,  Twelve South’s case for iPhone 4 which they call BookBook iPhone 4 case is amazing structure which fits with your iPhone 4 and then it looks like you have a book in your hand not iPhone.This could easily fool the phone snatchers who are always in hurry as  they just have to take your most important item and then run before they are caught.So , I think in most of the case they would never bother to check something which looks like a book.

This case casts $60 which is fare enough to save your $700 iPhone 4.