iPhone 5’s parts leaked

So , day by day we are getting closer to the launch of iPhone 5 , and this time we have not seen too many leaked for the device like we had seen in the case of iPhone 4 but this we have seen different parts leaked of iPhone 5.It is certain that the design of the device has been finalized a lot of time ago and the parts that have been seen at different times looked good enough and most of these are seen from Chine where the production of the device is being done.

The latest parts which is being leaked of iPhone 5 is includes its battery and camera lens and also Earphone Audio Jack.So , the new parts that are seen in this leaked images are actually different from the current version which I think is a clear sign that the design of the iPhone 5 is different from current version of iPhone.From the images even not talking about the technical specs of the parts , all the parts of claimed iPhone 5 look bigger than iPhone 4’s part.