Windows Phone Mango device most probably to launch this September

It was about an year ago when the first lot of Windows 7 devices were launched which had a total of eight devices in it.And the time is now near when the next Windows Phone devices would be revealed which will be running latest Windows Phone OS , Windows Phone Mango. The most expected date when these new Windows Phone 7.1 devices would be revealed is 15th is this month.

It has been hinted by multiple sources that Microsoft and their device partners are ready to unveil their Windows Phone Mango devices.Microsoft team had hinted before that September would be the months in which Mango devices would be demoed.And also WPCentral which a popular technology blog has also hinted the same thing.

So, whenever these devices are made public , this time would be much more exciting as this time lot much devices will be launched as many other devices partners have joined hands with Microsoft.Some of the popular new names include Fujitsu,Acer and Asus and of course Nokia , but Nokia has different plans for the launched of their Windows Phone Mango device.Most probably they launch their first Mango device till the end of this year.