Samsung request Dutch court to stop the sales of iPhone and iPad

Well if you follow the technology news then you would know have from past year Apple and Samsung have become serious competitors as both have launch one of the best Smartphones and Tablets in past year. And with competition comes lawsuit, as during last few months both the companies have filed several law suits against each other in different countries. And because of that Samsung is not allowed to market and sell Galaxy Tab 10.1 in many countries.

Apple has claimed at many places Samsung has made its new line-up of Android based smartphones by copying the looks and feel of iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS and same is the case with the tablet , they think Galaxy Tab 10.1 is total copy of iPad.

And now Samsung has come back strong to answer the claims of Apple and apparently they have asked Dutch court to ban the selling of iPhone and iPad sales as these phones copy the design of Samsung products.