Sell your CDs, Games and DVDs online

With new technology constantly emerging, items soon become out of date. This means that most people end up with a range of devices and media around the home which are no longer being used. A common example is old CDs which have now been replaced in MP3 format; or perhaps computer games which have been replaced with later versions. If this is the case in your household, there is some good news. There is now a way of making money from your old, unwanted CDs, DVDs or computer games.

Happily, this is an extremely easy process. All you have to do is log into Musicmagpie. Once there, you simply enter the barcode of the item you would like to sell and you will be given a price. If you decide to go ahead it won't cost you anything to get the items to Music Magpie. They will email you a pre-franked address label, which you simply print out and attach to your package before sending it.

If you are selling more than 50 items, Music Magpie will arrange for your package to be collected using an insured courier. You can nominate a day which is most convenient for you and they will arrange for the items to be collected.

In any one transaction you can sell between 10 and 500 items. If you have more than 500 items to sell, you will need to list them as separate transactions; a small additional effort versus the financial return. As soon as the items have been received and checked, the payment will be sent to you.

The only stipulation is that the items must be in good condition and with their original packaging and with any original instructions or booklets. It doesn't matter if there are a few slight scratches to the box, but in general you should ensure that the item is in the best possible condition. Items in notably poor condition may understandably be rejected as they are unlikely to have any resale value.

Prior to your first transaction, as with any other online service, you will need to complete a simple registration form. Thereafter, you can start to realise the value of your unwanted items, with every type of CD, DVD and computer games including PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo being accepted.

If you simply want to dispose of your old games, CDs and DVDs the organisation also offers a recycling service. Nearly all of these items are suitable for recycling and can be made it into everyday household objects such as coat hangers. Music Magpie can also recycle all packaging and used paper. Simply let them know if you are interested in this service and they will email you information as to where to send these items.

The service on offer is an ideal way in which to clear some space and to make a little money at the same time in an environmentally conscious fashion.