Microsoft will not produce Zune hardware in the future

Many different big companies manufacture their music devices which include mp3 and mp4 players. And one of the popular music devices in the world include iPod lineup of Apple. And some year ago Microsoft had launch Zune music player as their version of music devices. Even though some people found this device really impressive but still Zune was not able to gain lot much market. And because of its low sales finally yesterday Microsoft has officially announced the death Zune.

So, now it is confirmed that Microsoft will no longer produce Zune player which means the current players in different stores are the last batch of the device. But this doesn’t mean that those who already own a Zune player will not get their services. Microsoft will continue to provide both physical and hardware support to those who already own Zune devices and even to those who want to buy Zune currently available in the stores.

The story of Zune player stated in 2006and now after five years Microsoft has decided to discontinue the device as they have mentioned several times that the company now wants to concentrate more on the Windows Phone devices and software.