Leaks images of Nokia latest Windows Phone device seen,its named Sabre

Nokia which is the biggest manufacturer of Cell Phone in the world realized sometime ago and for their smartphone to be popular they would need a better OS for their smartphones and thats why they decided to join hands with Microsoft and make Windows Phone devices for them.Nokia is supposed to launch bunch of Windows Phone Mango devices soon and the waiting time is almost over as next week Nokia will host Nokia world conference and it is expected they would show some of their Windows Phone devices in it.

And about Nokia Windows Phone devices recently leaked images a Nokia Windows Phone device has been shown on the web.This device is known as “Sabre” which has good specification as it will have 1.4GHz processor , a 3.5 inch WVGA screen and a 5 mega pixel camera. Even though the specifications of the decive sounds good but still the looks of this device are not that great or may be its just me.

So , we can expect to see some new device in Nokia world and I think this could be a start from new era in Nokia companies history.