Top 5 Board games for iPad

Everyone of us cherish the old moments when we use to hang around with are friends and family playing board games. With technology taking over the old school games a gap between computer games and board games was created. Now developers are trying to fill these gaps by developing old school board games for your favourite iOS deceives.

1. Monopoly HD

Monopoly HD is developed by gaming industry giant Electronic Arts. The game features stunning visuals and graphics. You can play it on a network, or you can play it with your friends and family by just putting your iPad on a table top. You can cherish your old memories by buying this app for $9.99.

2. Risk HD

Risk HD is developed by Hasbro, it is a turn based game which can be played between 2-6 players. The iPad version of the game have same look and feel as that of old board game. Game is available on app store for $6.99.

3.  Table top Checkers

Table top Checkers is a classic board game developed by Paul Seltman. Table top checkers features interesting backgrounds to choose with. There is also option for making and downloading additional themes.

2. Small World

Small world is a classic board game developed by Days of Wonder inc. This game is limited to only two persons, but it still gives the same old medieval experience. This game is available on the app store for $6.99.

1.  Ludo

Ludo is an easy to understand board game, suitable for kids from 4 to 99 years. Ludo is developed by SIS software.  It can be played between four people.