Nokia Lumia 800 becomes the best seller phone on 3 UK

3 Mobile is one of the biggest phone service provider in UK, which exclusively offers different smartphones to its users. 3 Mobile UK is currently offering iPhone android and Windows phone 7 mobile devices. 3 Mobile UK’s website have revealed that Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone 7 is currently there best selling phone, where as HTC’s Wildfire android smatphone and Apple’s iPhone is trailing behind in the list. 

Nokia’s Lumia 800 is getting popular by every passing, its because of the traditional Nokia design and Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system that makes the phone looks so unique and exquisite.

Despite windows phone getting a poor response from the consumer market, this particular windows phone is doing great at the moment. While Microsoft isn’t releasing any number of sales figure, Nokia might leak the sale figure of its Lumia Windows phone series.

The deal between Nokia and Microsoft is doing great so far, both are getting positive response from its users. Nokia is quite happy with deal as it might cover the lost ground in America and Europe, which was lost due to their expensive and crappy symbian phones.