Microsoft to introduce picture password in Windows 8

Microsoft next version of operating system would be launching by the next year. Microsoft have taken drastic measure to ensures that their upcoming operating system can tackle both tablet and desktop environment. While using the Windows developer preview for a brief time I am pretty much convince that the new OS would do great for laptops, desktops and tablets.

The interface looks pretty much the same to what it is in the Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7, With tiles replacing the old desktop environment as the home screen.

Seeing the new capabilities of the new Operating System Microsoft have introduce a new method of password protecting your PC. Microsoft have introduced a picture password in their upcoming operating system windows 8. This new techniques uses a picture save on your computer and ask the user to assign gestures on your picture. After assigning your gestures to the picture you are good to go.

This is picture password is to some extent similar to androids pattern password system, but its limited specific pattern where as Microsoft’s new password systems takes picture of your choice and then ask you to put gestures on it