Apple may unviel iPad 3 early next month

Last year it was expected on more than one occasion that Apple is ready to launch next iPad but may be because of the some reason it was not to be so and no information of iPad 3 was shared by Apple in 2011.And now just after the start of new year some reports are claiming that Apple is now ready to unveil next iPad and they are planning to hold an event for it in February.

According to most blogs many unknown sources have confirmed this news and Macotakara a Japanese is one of the biggest blog to report this news.Apart from this it is also expected that Apple will also show their their latest version of iOS , iOS 5.1 which will surely have something new for iPhone and iPad users.

The interesting thing is that what Apple will offer in iPad 3 different that iPad 2 and other tablets available in the market.Some things which are expected to be in iPad 3 include its thicker case and 1536 pixel display and a better battery life than previous iPad may be twice than of iPad 2.

Apart from this it is also expected whenever iPad 3 is launched Apple will not stop selling iPad 2 but instead they will start selling iPad 2 with little less price as still it will have good enough features for its users.

Either way, many iPad accessories will work for both models as their specs are very similar and most of the new changes are only internal. So if you already have iPad 2 gadgets, covers and other cool stuff, make sure to try them out on your iPad 3 before throwing it out.