Apple iPad 3 Features

All excited for the latest iPad 3? The Apple’s new iPad 3 includes all the exciting new features that one could ever want. The mind-blowing new screen, along with a quad-core graphic processor has won the hearts of many. The 5 mega-pixel rear camera, with a 1080p recording quality and an optional 4G data from AT&T and Verizon gives a relentless mobile experience. However, iPad 3 is marginally heavier than the iPad 2 and the apps designed for it might take more storage. Also the ports for HDMI, USB, and SD require adapters.

The screens resolution has been multiplied by 2 if compared by the previous version of iPad. This is a breath-taking new experience. It would naturally bring out a tinge of water in your eyes when you see the bright colours striking your retina. Nothing in your home can be compared to the iPad 3, no computer, no TV; absolutely nothing can beat this resolution.
As far as the pricing is concerned, the same rate has been pulled along since 2010. By spending $499 you get 16GB of in-built storage, by just spending $100 more you get double the amount of storage, i.e. 32GB and by another $100 would get you 64GB. All 3 models are available in white and black and have the facility of WiFi.
The model looks exactly like the last year’s model, except for one change, that it is slightly bulkier. The tablet’s glass is still 9.3 inches tall and 7.31 inches wide, it is just the thickness that has changed. The latest model has a moderately larger camera, similar to what that has been used in iPhone 4S.
Apple is in heavy competition with Toshiba Excite X10LE which is even sleeker than iPad 2.
Other than the new high-tech screen the iPad’s processor has been upgraded to what Apple is calling an A5X, which is like a dual-core processor. To people’s disappoint, the latest iPad doesn’t have Siri. The voice dictation is a separate, limited function which has made searching information online and composing emails easier.
The up-dated rear camera also known as the iSight camera is another addition to the wonderful iPad. The new iPad comes with iOS 5.1. Recently added features such as iMessage, Newsstand, Notifications, and Twitter integration are all included, along with support for Apple’s free iCloud online backup service.
In terms of browser features, the iPad’s Safari browser matches from the best competing tablets. With Google’s recent enhancement to Android’s Chrome Web browser in Android 4.0, Apple now has some healthy competition.
Apple offers a version of the iPad with an integrated 4G cellular data connection, priced at a $130 premium over models that only offer Wi-Fi. Another comfort of iPad with 4G is the added effectiveness of assisted GPS (A-GPS), permitting users to exactly pinpoint their locations on a map and take benefit of navigation and location-aware apps.
iPad is an excellent e-book reader; every major e-book retailer (and quite a few specialized stores) offers an iPad app, including Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Kobo, Google Books, Stanza, and Apple’s own iBooks. In spite of the Retina Display’s beautifully delivered text, glare is still an issue -especially outdoors. Also, a product like the Nook Simple Touch promises up to two months of reading without a recharge, whereas the iPad will only get you 10 hours. But nonetheless iPad has proved to be a great tablet despite its criticisms.