Privacy Choice an effective tool to test Privacy of Facebook app

A newly launched tool for checking the privacy terms and policies and ensuring that people are using a security fool proof app or not has been introduced named as Privacy Choice. This tool assures that the Facebook application is safe to use or not and provides guidelines to the users as well. Privacy score is itself a Facebook application basically and it allows users to type in the name of any kind of particular application and can get the records if it can harm their appliance or not.Applications will receive an automatically ratings for the privacy ranging from 1 to 100 which are based on certain nine factors. Four of these factors cover the topic of how websites usually handle personal data of people whereas other five covers the policies of privacy and the company policies as well.

From these records, apps from the inventor of Play Dom received the top honored points of 93, whereas Electronic Arts got 91, Zynga which is top app developer of Facebook received only 82 points, and K-Factor Media got 72 points.

The average rating which Facebook application received was of only 78 points. Hence; “Users of Facebook deserves much better than this, as there are billions of users worldwide for this app”; this was basically said by the founder and CEO of Privacy Choice Jim Brock.

In response, Facebook said; “They are happy to see the reaction of people that these kinds of security tools have helped people to select their own choice of app by their own will.”

They also added to this point that; “ They are very much concerned about helping people and app developers also agree to the policy and terms of Facebook and they usually take immediate actions when they find their security issues out of amenability. Also, their automated systems handle these problems immediately if they find their app breaking some policies which they have built”.

However, the issue for the Facebook security has been into the highlights for some time, and in June 2010, the company introduced a more transparent information system which can record people’s data in safety box and it also required developers to be more concerned about issue of security and privacies.

After a while in the same year, Facebook announced a plan to encrypt the ID’s of users after the reports that the Facebook is transferring the public information on the advertisement networks. Recently, Facebook has added an option for its users to insert the passwords for applications they use and also added an icon of “trusted friends”.

Privacy Choice enables the people to make choices in an intelligent manner after taking into account the data tracking technique, tracking control systems and the privacy policies used by different social network websites.