Skype 1.0 for Phones supports Windows

Free applications can be operated on the Wi-Fi connection or even 3G and can run efficiently on the phones which support especially Windows 7.5. The version of 1.0 Skype for the phones having Windows can be operated and have enabled by the Microsoft. This has been reported by WP into the market of Windows Phone recently and facility is now available officially.

Particularly, the free Skype which can support 6MB foe the applications of Windows Phone run specifically into the Windows Phone 7.5 appliances or even higher. It only works on the internet connection of Wi-Fi connection or 3G. This version has replaced the beta of the previously launched applications by the Microsoft which got introduced by the end of February. took a notice that with the release of this version, it has added a next level to the popularity of Skype and has also enabled the people to use to features of search for or to add new contacts, and call on their landline numbers.  However, the only flaw which it is having is the the people cannot use the background calling feature. This means that the application will not allow someone else added into the contact list to call even if the Skype is opened in the phone.

Microsoft is working in integrating and upgrading more tightly the version of Skype with the introduction of Windows Phone 8 system which is expecting to be release soon in upcoming future most probably by the month of December 2012.

Skype is available for the IPhone, for mobile phones having Android, and for Blackberry mobile phones. also notified recently that the 2.0 version of Microsoft SkyDrive for storage of cloud applications only for Windows Phone are also coming up in the market soon and Microsoft team has already added up ODF document to support the URL shortenings apart from the other interesting features into the SkyDrive.