5 Worthwhile apps for the iPhone 4

Life is moving pretty fast nowadays and there is hardly anyone with-out a smart-phone these days. Such smart-phones are built with such great pace that all you need is a touch away. IPhone 4 falling in the top must-have smart-phones category has literally made everyone’s life extremely easy. Lying below are the 5 most worth-while apps for the iPhone 4.


This app has the feature of connecting your iPhone with your desk-top computer. If you’re work compromises of transferring data amongst your iPhone 4 and your computer, then all you have to do is get Splashtop. This convenient app lets you stream your computer’s desktop to your iPhone. It guarantees the fact that you are never left abandoned. With splashtop around you don’t have to start your work from scratch.

Documents to Go

Have you ever thought of using Microsoft Office on your iPhone? Well, Guess What? “Documents to go” behaves exactly like that. You can share, edit, and create your documents using “Documents to go”.


Apple has developed its’ very own Gmail App. You won’t exactly get the whole version of Gmail, it will sort of be an abridged version of Gmail, but it is a very handy app. You can check your emails where-ever you are by the availability of Internet or WiFi, you can even get notifications of receiving a new e-mail.


Evernote is a cloud-based podium for taking notes. This app let’s you jot down notes on your Mac or iPhone through the cloud service. Cloud service is basically an online storage and online back-up facility. Evernote supports all voice memos, memos, pictures and anything else you could govern as a note, so you’ll never slip-away an excellent idea again.


1Password is an extremely useful app in making you remember all your passwords, account numbers and information like that in-to one place. It is actually irritating when you have to with-hold all the user-names and passwords separately. So to make life easier, Apple created the app 1Password. It helps  you create short-cuts to those specific websites, you can simply access your information with-out having to put the user-names and passwords again.