Google Drive against Dropbox ultimately compete Microsoft SkyDrive

Google and Microsoft have recently made some dynamic moves towards commanding the arena of ways to store the content, ultimately aiming to dominate Dropbox , which is competing currently to improve the services day by day against Apple, Sony and Samsung. Google’s service basically comes in the form of Google Drive which exhibits 5GB of service for free and up to 1TB for a substantial monthly fee.
SkyDrive is particularly a Microsoft’s solution. This name has been around for a couple of years but Microsoft has expressively enhanced its offerings, making SkyDrive an entirely new schemes.  And of course there’s Dropbox, the leading company, who has recently updated their transfer space, and has recently updates its services also.

Storage vs. Pricing

Google has claimed: “5GB is pretty enough to store number of pictures, business proposals, and even the novels n which users might be working on.”

However, 5GB isn’t really enough for today’s generation usage capacity. That is why there is wide variety of other options as well; people can update their content up to 25GB for a $2.49 per month. Also, there is another option of 100GB for $4.99 (£3.08) per month, while a 1TB cost $49.99.
Dropbox has the smallest opening offers for 2GBs. That is why, Dropbox also allot users an additional 500MBs to16GB. People can also add and purchase 50GBs for $9.99/month and100GBs which cost $19.99/month and $199.00/year.
Microsoft offers 100MB to 300MB, whereas Google makes no indication of a maximum uploading size within its own launched documents. Dropbox has a 300MB maximum upload size via the website, but it has no maximum file size through the desktop client.