How one can Share Documents in the Cloud with privacy

The smartphones have given an access to the users to extract the files from any device or source and get them onto the screens of coworkers, partners and clients.

Hence, all the services fall under the free services such as Drop box and Sugar Sync which are recently becoming a concern to many companies. The problem has incurred that how a cloud file storage and sharing can be safe to use.

Why Google cannot become a Drop Box Killer:

Jim Andersen who is a president of Foundation Management Associates in a financial consultancy to charitable organizations, stopped using Drop box almost a year ago after two disturbing incidents. First, an employee at a Haitian hospital client unintentionally deleted a year of financial records from the computers. Then, he almost lost a large new client because a state government it was tied to had blacklisted Drop box.

Drop box service for a business team

Not only choosing a specific Drop Box is a crucial task for a business but also whether it provides other benefits or services or not is an important factor to consider. Also, for the security issues a lot of concerns have been raised for it. Following are the four main security considerations:

1. An Encryption
All the sources or data encrypted hit the sources with which it used to connect. Hence, all the companies use to have various services or systems that can keep the hackers is very important step to consider as smartphones and tablets can get stolen, along with the important data it may exhibit.

2. Worker authentication
Businesses need to have control over user accounts so that the previous or ex-employee could no longer can have access to the important data or files of the company. One should have a proper check on all the accounts of the employee.

3. Proper audit tracks
One should have a proper track of all the files which the employee used to share or upload on the company related website or blogs. Hence, it can have a better check on all the operating systems.

4. Subpoena protection
Documents which may be stored with a cloud provider can be subpoenaed by the government and other related parties and some source have misused these files, and then a two part system can recover this problem. Oxygen Cloud provides a two-part system that lets companies store files behind their own firewalls, while users can have an access on them on any device through a cloud-based user dashboard.