iPhone 5 Rumors regarding release date and features

According to the rumors, the new version of iPhone which is iPhone5 will get launched by the mid of 2012. There are also some chances that it can be shown off on to the grand evening of Apple’s Worldwide Developer 2012 ,which usually takes place in the start of June.

As compared to the previous version, the new iPhone5 will have an entirely new design and features especially the new casing style in the form of metal alloy. Also, according to the Daily Mail; “A four-inch display version is most likely to be present in the new version and the Sony has already shipped the samples to Apple.”

Many reported websites have also reported that Steve Jobs had been working really hard for the creation of the design for iPhone 5, and reports have claimed that it will be a unique design.

Various sources have also stated that the iPhone 5 will be having a 4-inch display screen. There had also been rumors that it will be having a curved glass screen.  Also, according to Digitimes, Apple has already purchased almost 200 and 300 special glass cutting machineries.

Sony usually develops camera for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Recently, in the event of Wall Street Journal, Howard Stringer had given the views about the quality of camera image sensor and stated; “There will going to be the best ever sensors in the new version of IPhone.”

Some rumors also suggested that the new iPhone can have an 8MP camera.

However, if the iPhone 5 is assumed to be brought about revolution in the mobile phone industry then there are also expectations that the price would be closer to the prices of previous versions,

According to the rumors, the new phone may cost around £500 for a 16GB / 32GB model and the critics suggests that this pricing model may remain firm for some period of time.