Google expands with Quick office (leader for creating mobile apps)

Google has planned to mount up its competition with Microsoft with the purchase of Quick office, which is the biggest creator for mobile applications either for working on various documents, for word processing, spreadsheets or for presentations.

The deal has been announced recently on Tuesday which has provided Google Inc. a new firearm to halt Microsoft Corporation. As every person prefers to work on their smartphones more as compared to PC’s and Quick office makes these devices well-matched with Microsoft Office even if the software suite is not being installed.

When it comes to advertisements, Google has already spent several years trying to divert sales away from Microsoft by presenting its own suite of Office-like programs that would be available over the Internet easily. Few of these applications are known as Google Docs which can be used by any one whereas more premium version known as Google Apps can cost about $50 annually.

However, with such distinguished features enabled by Google, Director of communication for Microsoft’s Office Clint Patterson said; “Google Apps needs cooperation and it does not even meet the efficiency needs of most people and their main purpose had been advertisements so far and various other features in the documents have been transferred from previous version of Google.”

Microsoft has been broadly alleged to get expanded with Office app designed particularly for the iPads which has been on top position for selling rate in the market this year. According to the speculators, even if the Microsoft will not release its own Office app for iPads, the software suite is at least predicted to be comprised on upcoming tablets powered by much awaited Windows 8. With the launch of Windows 8, probably in October, there is a possibility that the Google may be threatened by Microsoft in future.