Samsung U485 Intensity III Review

This July, you would be able to enjoy communication and rainy weather side by side. Do you know how? Very simple, Samsung has launched Samsung U485 Intensity III that is a basic phone that has a power to withstand against salt, dust, humidity, rain, vibration, solar radiation, transport and thermal shock resistant. This handset is MIL-STD-810F certified. So, you are free to be connected with your family member even when you are enjoying the rainy weather. There is no need to keep the cell in the pocket or somewhere else. It isn’t the single feature that attracts my attention toward the handset but there are three more features, either.

Samsung U485 Intensity III

Three best Features of Intensity III:

  1. Stylish: Although the phone is a basic device yet it is quite stylish. It comes in black that is my favorite color. According to my viewpoint, a phone with black body looks very nice. Beside color, the side QWERTY keyboard of the handset is another magnet of the device. It is a fact that the people who use the laptop and PC find it hard to compose message with the help of an alphanumeric keypad. For the comfort of users, Samsung has designed this device with two keyboards: alphanumeric and QWERTY.
  2. Music Player: I love to enjoy the rhythm of life and it is Samsung U485 Intensity III handset that allows me to listen to all my favorite songs. The device is equipped with MP3 and MP4 players. It comes with a memory card and thereby, I am in a position to maintain a nice playlist of wide variety of songs in this handset.
  3. Budget Friendly: This handset comes with an affordable price tag. If you are a person who likes a basic and stylish phone at an affordable range then undoubtedly, Samsung Intensity III mobile phone is designed for you.

Some Facts of Samsung U485 Intensity III:

    • This mobile phone is only support the CDMA network and you are unable to run it on a GSM network.
    • Intensity III comes with a simple 2 MP camera that may not provide you a high quality video and images.
    • You can enjoy the SMS in a threaded format.
    • It allows you to browse the web as the phone brings the WAP browser.


Samsung U485 Intensity III is a phone that fits to everyone’s budget. By spending a few pounds, you get a phone that has a strong resistance power against dust and humidity.