Sony VAIO Duo 11, Meet with a Hybrid Tablet

Sony always want to serve its users in the best manner and thus, this year company gift us Sony VAIO Duo 11 that is a hybrid tablet. This tablet is indeed a nice piece of development from the house of Sony. After getting it, you can sell either your laptop or tablet. Actually it is a device that can become a slate or laptop depending on your preference.

Sony VAIO Duo 11

VAIO Duo 11 VS Microsoft Surface

You can call this device a competitor of Microsoft surface but there is a main difference between Surface and VAIO Duo. Surface comes with a detachable keyboard while you are unable to detach keyboard from VAIO Duo; that’s mean Sony hybrid tablet will be bring extra heft for you.

Why Not check The Specs?

At this point I have good news for you. Sony VAIO Duo 11 is comparable with the ultrabooks of this era as the device will get the processing power from Core i3 or i5 or i7.  You are able to operate flawless and smooth Windows 8 operating system on it. There is an 11-inch  display that lets you to take an entry into the digital world of 1080p resolution.  You can get help from a digitizer stylus when you have a desire to use VAIO Duo in its slate tablet mode. You can use 128 and 256GB SSDs, GPS, NFC and HD-capable cameras with this hybrid device of Sony.

When to Expect Delivery?

I'm sure that you get excited after checking all the details of Sony VAIO Duo 11 tablet and also have a desire to get an idea of release date. So,  my dear readers Sony has a plan to launch it at the end of October ; the same time when Microsoft will uncover its excellent windows 8 operating system. Till then arrange some money and don't spend extra as you have to exchange the dollars with Sony for getting this fantastic device.