The rise of images on the Internet

Techies know that one of the hottest trends online at the moment is images. After all, Facebook didn’t buy Instagram for $1bn for its words. The social networking giant bought the imaging filter app because of its ability to alter how images look. The surge of the importance of images online has led to many tech entrepreneurs thinking of what busin

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esses they can start to tap into this.
The capital needed to fund these businesses could come from best mobile loans. What is for sure, anyone who wants to start an image-based business in tech is probably doing it around the right time. Here are a few reasons why images are a hot trend in tech:

    • Images symbolise community: Social pin-board Pinterest has gained millions of monthly users because of its concept. Essentially it’s a pin-board of pictures that people collect and they can share them with their friends or other users who have like-minded image tastes. This thought that images are community is changing how people consume images. It’s no longer just about an image as an isolated picture that you see on Google Images, now it is about how images connect users together.
  • Filters are a cool commodity: If Instagram has taught us anything, it is that anything that can modify an image can be turned into a sustainable start up. This is what Instagram achieved because it has colour filters that you can use to change how your pictures look.
  • Images act as signposting for users: Images and icons are all part of how start ups make it easier for users to use their services. One good example of signposting for images is the use of icons that you see on social media websites like Twitter and Facebook.

Images are the hottest trend in technology because they are visual and stimulating. Bad credit loans are another option that some imaging tech start ups are turning to as an alternative to get their imaging companies up and running. Whatever method will be used, the fire of the image trend in tech shows no sign of cooling off.