How do you develop an app?

A lot of people in the modern world now own a mobile phone, and in the last five years there has been a huge rise in the amount of smartphones both made and sold such as the ones found.  These new mobile phones are much more capable than the older phone models, with the ability to stay connected to the internet wherever you are and have access to the web. But with the extra power inside these phones’ small programs called apps have started to change how people use their phones too. These apps are programs developed in order to allow your phone to do so much more – such as bringing up a map for you to get directions from or streaming movies while on the train.

These apps are not impossible for the normal person to make however, with many people making them in their spare time. The hardest part is always coming up with the main idea behind the app, and this is why so many people without a lot of experience make some of the best apps; because they see a need in their regular life and so decide to make an app for it. But to take this from an idea to a working app takes a little learning and a lot of patience. One of the first things you need to decide on is which platform you are going to make the app for, as most of them use different programming languages. Two of the biggest platforms to make apps for are, of course, iPhone and Android. How to win back your ex

There are many differences between these two platforms. For example, Apple is a closed platform that you can only develop for on a Mac computer; for Android though the development tools are freely available for all OS platforms. The iPhone programming language is called Objective C and is much more focused on object orientation rather than just coding, while the Android platform can be coded for in many different languages – with Java being the best supported.