Top 5 Election Mobile Apps | Instant Election Updates and Results

Previously, we have been sharing business, social, utility, game, and reference apps and rating them with all our hearts open. Today we bring you a list of top 5 most popular, reliable and useful elections apps for iOS and Android.

Every citizen of a democratic system wishes to be a key contributor to the election process (not to forget, only the eligible ones) and stay up to speed with all the developments as they take place. Considering the tech and gadgetry influence in our lives, it is has become ‘need of the era’ to have tools and applications supporting our gadgets providing election season updates.

For that, we have compiled a brief list of top 5 most notable and reliable iOS and Android applications for election updates. The apps however are not listed in order of their rating on any portal.

 1. Politico

The app is supported on iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and all iPads as well as iPods. Recently, the app was also launched to support Android devices. The app gives a unique experience of news, reviews, pre-poll predictions and analysis by political gurus. The app also provides links to blogs and other websites sharing reviews and thoughts about political parties contesting as well their candidates. The app is currently free to download on on both iOS and Android devices.

2. “I’m Voting” Application

I’m voting app is basically a result of collaboration between Facebook and CNN. The app is basically an app within an app. In other words, once you download the Facebook app for iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android, you can re-direct yourself to I’m Voting app. The basic functionality of the app is based upon inviting your friends on your friend’s list on Facebook and asking them to select a candidate from either party. Based upon the result, your timeline will reflect a kind of un-official poll for the candidates competing against each other.

 3. Real Clear Politics

Real Clear Politics

If you are still confused about whom to vote, you can definitely make a choice by downloading the Real Clear Politics app for iOS. The app is supported on all Apple devices. The app is perfect for those who wish to speak out their thoughts for their party candidates and the party itself. What best other way to create a RSS feed and let the world know what you have in mind.

 4. The Hill
The Hill

The Hill is basically a cross-platform news app that focuses only on political news or election process. The app’s interface is populated with limited categories including News, Senate, House, Executive and More. The app also has an offline function mode where it downloads stories and reviews once connected to the internet and are viewable in offline mode.

5. (Mobile App) gives a unique election experience by providing authenticated facts and figures related to elections. The app has its own way to dig out information and sharing it with users. For example, if your search the app thoroughly, you can also find information as to much funds did a party spend to advertise on its election campaign.

There are several others out there you may find interesting. If you are politically active and have a keen eye for the developments that take place, search for more reliable apps and do share with us.