Top 10 best gadgets for 2013

2013 is just about on the edge and it’s almost time we do a quick round-up for the cool gadgets we have enjoyed over the year. There have been a number of gadgets by several top notch manufacturers trying to get a break through in the market and be the best gadget for 2013. Here’s a list of top 10 best gadgets for 2013 that made it to our list.

10. Nokia’s Lumia 1020

Nokia’s Lumia 1020

The year started off with a different trend for smart phones – not having emphasis on performance, connectivity or touch sensitivity for that matter, but with high-end cameras coming along. The Nokia Lumia 1020 boasts a 41 mega-pixels camera and manages a mild thought of ownership for a Windows phone in the heads of iPhone and Android users.

9. The Leap-motion Controller

The Leap-motion Controller

Technology has certainly changed the way we live these days. It’s amazing how it is reducing distances, limiting chords and now literally eliminating them. The leap-motion controller is basically a USB sized device that acts on to human motions. Be it a game or an ebook, you can perform every action through the $80 controller as you do with a keyboard or mouse.

8. Nest Protect by Nest Labs

Nest Protect by Nest Labs

The $130 smoke detection device has again changed the entire scene once a fire is detected at. Instead of the panic creating alarm sounds, the device alerts through a gentle but sufficiently loud women’s voice for a smoke or fire detection.

7. Amazon’s 3rd Gen Kindle Fire Tablet

Amazon’s 3rd Gen Kindle Fire Tablet

With a display of 7 inches and priced at almost $240, Amazon’s 3rd Generation Kindle Fire Tablet is a great device to enjoy most of the Amazon content including games, music, music videos, books and many more.

6. Xbox One by Microsoft

Xbox One by Microsoft

On the outside, this seems to be just another with a gaming console with a wireless controller. But once you purchase the Mircrosoft’s Xbox One, you get to enjoy Skype integration to make video calls, along with connection with multiple satellite TV boxes. However, fun with Xbox One does not end here – with the built in Kinect sensor, experiences are raised to a whole new level.

5. iPhone 5s by Apple

iPhone 5s by Apple

The new iPhone 5s comes with few modifications as compared to the iPhone 5. New features include touch ID sensor that allows you to unlock the phone through touch rather swipe of the finger or thumb.

4. Pebble Wrist Watches

Pebble Wrist Watches
Pebble Wrist Watches

The amazing Pebble wristwatch is a fantastic wearable device which functions as a satellite for most of iPhones and Android phones allowing you to see text messages and other notifications on it’s display. Though it does give a look of a spy gear but in its functionality is perfect for mobile connectivity.

3. Oclus Rift Kit

Oclus Rift Kit

If you’re a gaming fanatic and love to enjoy games most close to reality, Oclus Rift Kit is probably the coolest gadget for you in 2013.

2. iPad Air

iPad Air

While discussing this gadget, one can easily sum it up as portability at its best. Not only the iPad Air but also the iPad Mini having the Retina display with almost ten hour battery is truly a treat to have as personal gadget possession.

1. Chromecast by Google

Chromecast by Google

The Chromecast tops our list as the best gadget for 2013. Though it didn’t have a great launching pad due to unsuccessful sell of Google TV and other related packages, yet Chromecast by Google allows you to play music and almost all video files directly from your laptop on to your computer.